Investment Analysis

2015.10.08 – Daum Kakao (037520)

Rating: Overweight

Target Price (KRW): 157,295

Price (8 Oct 2015, KRW): 123,300

In the last quarter, 2Q15, Daum Kakao’s earnings from game industry has been diminished to 53,984 million KRW. It has incurred some loss from its game business having some of its market share taken by its competitors. However, the numbers are improving due to “Friends Pop for Kakao”, which is proven to be a big hit and ranks 1 st in mobile app store for games in Korea. The earnings are projected to improve further as it launches “Anipang Matgo” and “Shanghai Anipang.”

Download Report:

Daum Kakao (037520)_151008


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